Odds that David Cook will win are 1 to 3 (a $3 bet pays $4).


Bodoglife.com gives Archuleta — who was once the gambling site’s pick to take “Idol” top honors — a slightly better chance of winning. David Cook is around 2 to 5.

As of Sunday, the oddsmakers were favoring rocker David Cook over young, wholesome David Archuleta, the New York Post reported.

And Bet365.com lists Cook at a bit higher than 5/2 while Archuleta’s odds are pegged at 1 to 2.

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With the first part of the “American Idol” finale approaching on Tuesday night, the online gambling sites were favoring one David over another.

BetCRIS.com makes Archuleta the 2 to 1 underdog (a winning $1 bet returns $3) in Tuesday’s showdown. But he is still the underdog at 3 to 2