Simply put, this dress code typically involves wearing a dress shirt, khaki pants, belt and leather shoes. Top 3 Favorite Brands:

1) Charles Tyrwhitt

2) Brooks Brothers

3) Calvin Klein

Shoes: business casual shoes usually fall into three categories: lace-ups / oxfords, slip-ons / penny loafers, and monk straps. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with a nice pair of penny loafers. For wool pants, or any pants for that matter, try to avoid purchasing ones that are pleaded – extra bulk gives the impression of extra weight and a shorter stature. Penny loafer shoes are another great option, and are perhaps my favorite type, since they both look and feel casual. Also, staple colors for wool pants are grey (light and dark), charcoal, and navy blue. With that said, however, a white dress shirt with a subtle

pattern such as fine stripes can look amazing!

Pants: when shopping for business casual style pants, there are only two materials to consider: cotton and wool.

Top 3 Favorite Brands:

1) Allen Edmonds

2) Ralph Lauren

3) Johnston & Murphy

Top 3 Favorite Brands:

1) Banana Republic

2) Bonobos

3) GAP. Regardless of brand, dress shirts categorized under ‘slim fit’ or ‘extra slim fit’ will be your best bet. Last but not least are the less known monk strap shoes. Your office, whether the environment is more casual or more conservative, will ultimately determine what the acceptable range of colors for your cotton khakis / chinos will be – if more conservative, recommendation is to stick to beige and navy blue. If purchased from the right company, these stylish shoes can elevate your look while maintaining a professional demeanor.

Ah, the wonderful and utterly confusing ‘grey area’ of the office dress code known as business casual. Furthermore, although I like wearing white dress shirts, they are considered more formal and, as such, do not typically fit the business casual style. In terms of wool pants, this is also an option that may be more appropriate for fall / winter months. Cotton pants such as khakis and chinos are absolute staples of this dress code and can come in a variety of colors, which range from beige to navy blue. For instance, plain toe oxford shoes are appropriate for any office setting and can be both dressed down and up depending on your style. Lace-up shoes, although considered more formal, can look great with your business casual wardrobe as long as you keep it simple. Although, as with any dress shirt that you purchase, the fit of the shirt is critical for a great look. In hopes of making this world a better place, this article will attempt to finally shed some light on what business casual actually is, how you can easily achieve this desired look, and what it looks like in terms of examples / style ideas. Moreover, this article will focus on the look as it pertains to men’s clothing.

What Is Business Casual?

Business casual refers to an office dress code that, as per the name itself, is more casual than formal. Also, ties are optional.

The Essentials

Dress Shirts: most styles of dress shirts are acceptable