Is Sportsbetting and Online Casino legal as well? Im looking to only deposit 400-500 dollars and have a little fun. I want to try out either Bodog or Is online Poker legal in CT? Ive read a million different things and it seems as long as you use a 3rd party to deposit, your good.

I know its astronomically unlikely, but say you win like 100,000+ on a sportsbook online. (Read Bodog was better). How do you get it into your bank account? Obviously it can be wired in small amounts, but if they send over 10,000 at once, isnt it a bit suspicious? If your banks finds out a check you deposited, or a wire you received is from a gambling company, wouldnt you be in trouble? They may use a 3rd party processor to issue you your money, but will a bank every question how/where you got money like this?