Some might superstitiously believe victory will only come if they believe in their team enough to take on financial risk.

In the entire wide world of sports, there is one team that you worship. Because the homer watches every game and knows so much about the team, he or she is convinced their beloved team is better than it is. Rationally, the homer knows that their team is not invincible, but when it comes time to make a bet, excited by the prospects of victory, the homer sacrifices reason to their bias. Most homers would never under any circumstance bet against their team. This is the most perverse result of homerism. You think they are a title contender every year and cant believe they could ever lose, but other teams cheat and referees always favor the other team and pick on yours unfairly. Every win sends you into the heavens and every loss stings with a thousand swords. Congratulations, you are a homer.

3) Never betting when your team is involved. They would consider it a jinx and wouldnt even enjoy the money if they won. It is the curse of the sports betting world and the Achilles heel of any sports gambler. It exists primarily in two forms. You can name all the players and their number. This is the most common form of homerism in sports betting. In traditional sports betting, homers tend to overestimate their teams chances and bet on them too much. You have been a fan your entire life. This is the wisest marriage of homerism and sports betting. In Fantasy leagues, homers tend to draft players from their favorite teams too early, start them too often, and keep them on their roster too long. Permanent Homervision blinds them from ever seeing reality.

1) Betting on your team. Always refrain from gambling on your favorite team.

. 2) Betting against your team. Either from losing too many bets on their team or believing there is no way to lose with this method (either their team wins or they win money), these lost souls are truly to be pitied.

Here are the three solutions to the problem of homerism and sports betting:

The term homer refers to a fan with a strong bias towards a particular team. However, there is a masochistic and self-loathing kind of homer who prefers to bet against his or her team