You need to sign up players to make money in this game. Still, somehow your hopes of becoming one of the big boys, seems to fall by the wayside. Whats more, they are free.

There are several ways to skin a cat, and this is also true of operating a successful rakeback business. Submitting To Directories – Submit your website to directories and gain more one way links from pages with similar links in their content. Dont let your site be one of these.. Article Submissions – Write and submit articles to article directories, publishers, mailing lists and blogs to generate abundant one way links to your site. Maybe youve even taken the next step and signed up with a few online poker rooms affiliate programs in an attempt to become a rakeback provider. These links are not difficult to secure. Obvious, you say? Not when you realize that there is a plethora of sites on the net with duplicate content, irrelevant content, or heaven forbid, no content al all. This will take some serious time on your part but will be well worth the effort. It is important, therefore that the page is truly relevant to your topic and the anchor text is of your choosing.

1. He has been writing and playing poker since 1995.

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Next, and less obviously, you will need to take the time to build links that point to your website from relevant sites and pages. Visit our website for information on how to Offer Rakeback. Outlined below are a few of the methods one can employ to build links.

3. You can also get started with the help of the Poker Templates for Joomla available at

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Thom is an avid online poker player and the owner of several poker related businesses. This is exactly what you need to encourage more sign ups on your website and more money in your wallet. These are good, legitimate links as they are generated directly by your original article. Bookmarking Your Website – When you bookmark your website at the social bookmarking sites, you rapidly gain even more of those one-way links to your rakeback site. The way that I will discuss today, briefly, is driving traffic to your website through search engine optimization. Leaving Blog Comments – Leave your comments on others blogs and generate some nice high quality links. But how?

Building links to your rakeback website will drive much needed traffic to your site and give the site invaluable improvements in search engine results pages. Your site will have unique content and unique keywords to gain real improvement in your sites search engine rankings.

Youve played poker for years and even managed to secure yourself a sweet rakeback deal. Of prime importance is to leave comments related to the actual post you are commenting on rather than generic spam. This means that you will set up a website, build links to your site, and sign up new poker players under your affiliate accounts.. Its also possible to drive some targeted traffic to the site if you tag the site appropriately to attract others who are seeking those tags. Good for you! Now dont go blow your newfound funds at the sports book.

4. Such comments will be posted more often and will get more links for your rakeback site.

When designing your website, pay close attention to how the search engines will rate it