Depending on the casino, it takes tens of thousands of dollars.

According to a MSN report on Jan. Literally hundreds of millions of dollars will exchange hands on everything from who the gamblers believe will win the game, to will the coin toss be heads or tails. 20, Vegas casinos are already hoping for a Seahawks repeat. If the public is right, sportsbooks are going to take a big hit on this year’s Super Bowl. Some sportsbooks now have New England at -1. You look for something good and hope for the best.

Seattle was announced as a 2.5 to 3 point favorite Sunday night and so much money came in on New England +3 that the spread has fallen to a pick or even. That may not sound like much to someone who doesn’t wager on football, but it takes a lot of money to move a point spread even one point, let alone three. Less than 2 hours after the Pats beat Indy in the AFC championship game the Super Bowl spread was set, and the betting public pounced on it.. If they are wrong, sportsbooks could earn an estimated $200 million or more.

It’s being reported that the MGM Grand in Las Vegas had a feeling that the line was going to change quickly when they took in a 6-figure wager on New England just hours after the championship games ended. To many professional gamblers, this “mistake” made by Vegas experts of favoring the wrong team (in the public’s opinion) is no different then a business man who plays the stock market.

Super Bowl XLIX is still over a week away yet the public has already spoken when it comes to who they believe will win the big game. Not quite Max Scherzer money, but still a lot.

It is safe to say that early on Vegas sportsbooks will be wearing Russell Wilson jerseys and hoping Tom Brady doesn’t get his fourth championship ring. Every year Las Vegas turns into Mardi Gras times two for one day – and that day is Super Bowl Sunday