As to Obama being a lousy speaker I’m very glad you added that attempted smear, as it clearly demonstrates how warped your hatred has made you.

Time and Huffington Post are your sources? Give me a f***ing break. He no longer has time to do it himself, as he did for the 2004 convention speech that catapulted him onto a national stage, but he is still heavily involved, far more so than most politicians. Typical.

…and write books.

bet he had some “help” with that

No, Obama wrote his two books himself, and wrote his own speeches as well back when he had the luxury of time to do so.

Curious, if he is such a great writer, why can’t we read his college papers?

Equally, either he and Bill Ayers have an identical writing style or SOMEONE ghost wrote Audacity.. Not a highly credible source. As I said, unless you have your head stuck in some liberal sandbox.

Ha! You start off with garbage you dig out of Drudge and the rabid right blogs, then have the guts to complain about Time Magazine as a source? Get real, con man.

OK Obama wrote his own books but the first book I see is a series of quotes by Jeramiah Wright,,An America hater,,good job Jim.


by Gone on November 13th, 2009

Carry on with the ad hominems when you can’t win with facts. But who does have their thesis from 25 years ago? That’s some sort of horrible indictment? A vast conspiracy? Give me a f***ing break!

As to the Bill Ayers smear, here’s the story behind where that absurd conspiracy theory came from.

Here’s where the misconception came from that Axelrod writes Obama’s speeches. It has never been a secret that Axelrod wrote all of his speeches during the campaign unless your head is burried in a liberal sandbox.

We hope someone did help did help him write that drivel because if he came up with that all by himself, we are in far more trouble than I originally thought.

I can’t find anything about Obama’s Thesis papers anywhere but on far right hate speech blogs