For some women it is a road to connection with their feminine self, to understanding more about themselves and getting valuable insights. My personal belief is that sexuality in its present mainstream form is one of the areas that impedes our evolution the most, yet an area that is vital for our evolution as individuals. It is a universal tool that contains all the main principles of Tantric sex with a plentiful scope for practicing them, and it alone can lead you directly into the space where Tantric sex can happen.

While I have sufficient knowledge and experience of Tantric sexuality to coach individuals and couples (I do on occasions), I prefer to concentrate on my Tantric bodywork. I also teach couples how to do this massage at home for each other, in its simpler and more intimate form. For some, it is a powerful holistic therapy, or a deep transcendental meditation, or a psychedelic journey to their inner being.

Sexuality Expert

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I am a professional Tantric massage therapist, dedicated to promoting this unique form of bodily experiendce and therapy, and to debunking misconceptions about it.

I am also committed to doing my part in removing the still persistent taboo on sexuality. Some find it a window to a new quality of sex life and connection with their partners. I prefer to disperse my knowledge through non-verbal means, through an experience. I believe that higher planes of sexuality do not need to be in conflict with tastes, desires and fun, and that they are available to everyone, it is just a question of having the right approach.. Embracing it, paying our respects to it, understanding it and transforming it is the only way we can move forward, otherwise it pulls us back. In my opinion, a genuine, well-performed Tantric massage is one of the shortcuts to the world of sacred sex. For others, it is a way to sexual healing, self-acceptance and confidence. I see myself as a guide who is happy to lead people to that world, or draw a map, so that they can explore it on their own.

My original background is medical massage but, parallel to my commitment to spiritual sexuality over the years, I have come to do Tantric massages. It is a bodywork I have been doing for years and I am now dedicated to it exclusively