As a result, the players have started believing in myths which supposedly affect their chances to make profits at roulette. However, it is one of the most common roulette myths that are widely rumored. Roulette basically consists of a spinning wheel and a series of number. Some of the reputed roulette systems are listed below:

R-Bet Winning Roulette Software – A large number of customers are satisfied with this roulette system. The rules, the odds and the house-edge are same for both the European wheel and American wheel. These numbers start from the 0 (zero) and end with 36 or 37. The system is described in an e-book, which is good to read, but the system lacks some finer tweaking, to make it as profitable as other gambling systems available on the net.

Though roulette is a game of chance, several fake roulette softwares, claiming the sure-shot success in the game are found in the market today. It is known as one of the simplest as well as most exciting games found in the casinos worldwide. So it is better to get the odds in your favor from the very beginning, by playing on the European wheels.. European wheel has 37 slots and not 38, which means the house advantage will be only 2.70%, whereas on American wheel the house advantage would be 5.25% on every bet. As 2 distinct kinds of wheels are available at the casinos, the last number depends on which kind of the wheel it is. With the help of this roulette system, you can make substantial profits for several times at the roulette table. This is absolutely wrong. Every roulette wheel spin is not random: It is a common belief that, in roulette one spin invariably affects its consecutive spins. The players do not need to be skilled enough to play roulette. A few of the common roulette myths that should be ignored are as follows:

All roulette wheels are same: Many roulette players around the world heartily believe that, the roulette wheel is not of 2 types. The truth is that, the odds remain 50%-50% and it will be similar even if the ball would fall on red 30 times.

The Sure Roulette Method – This particular roulette system is one of the most popular and oldest systems around. On the other hand, the wheel consisting of the numbers from 0 to 37 along with an extra 0 is the American wheel. This is also a wrong concept. It is said that over time many roulette players have found that if the ball lands 10 times consecutively on red, there is a high chance that the ball will land on black in the next turn. It is basically a particular type of table game and a large number of players can play the game at a time. The European wheel has numbers from 0 to 36. The R-Bet roulette software has proved its capability and credibility. Due to the rising popularity of the roulette, various myths are being associated with it. According to the users, these roulette systems are partly effective.

Roulette is completely a game of chance. It is true that the European wheel is the best for playing, because comparing with the American wheel the odds of success for a player in the former one are better