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The Future of Online Gambling Regulation in the U.S. | Jake Newfield

There have been many advocates for anti-gambling agendas, including Sheldon Adelson. Here a few things to keep in mind when thinking about the future of online gambling.

2.Federal Legislation Probably won’t happen

While it might seem very slow, gambling has seen an increase in users in the US. In 2016, however, it is much more likely.

3.Changing Agenda

1.Online Gambling is Inevitable

Before, online gambling was seen as being another source of revenue. It’s not soon, but it’s happening. In fact, Nevada had already been preparing an online gambling bill prior to the opinion. Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey all brought gambling to our browser. In that case, a state might not launch an online gambling business until 2017 or 2020.

It was only two years ago that a few states launched major online gambling sites. Whether you are for online gambling or opposed to it, the notion that Congress would realistically unite and pass a vote is not probable. It is unlikely that it will be revisited. The bottom line is that this will take some time. Due to a decision made by the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel in 2011, states now have the autonomy to choose for themselves without interference from Federal law. Both New Jersey and Delaware had expedited bills. Also, the fact that there is significant investment pouring in shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel for the industry. Not to mention, less that four years have passed since the OLC opinion regarding the Wire Act allowed individual states the chance to consider passing online gambling bills. One way or another, there will be changes in 2016. Despite this situation, there are many reasons indicating that online gambling could become legal in the United States. Now this is not the case. In addition, there are various TV shows and specials that are broadcasting poker and gambling. Because of the delay in passing a state budget, it is still possible for a gambling bill to be passed before 2016. One thing that many people haven’t considered is Pennsylvania. At that time, there were in fact three states who chose to allow gambling. The way that it has been panning out, there will be multiple state the pass an online gambling bill prior to 2020. On the other hand, many people believe that individuals have the right to choose whether or not they want to gamble, and it is not up to the government to decide. All 50 states have currently refrained from passing a bill to legalize online gambling, poker, or other casino games. If Pennsylvania cannot pass an online gambling bill then the tides may change. Online gambling can be used in a variety of different ways, as casinos are quickly realizing. This year, Poker Central was created. Adelson’s online gambling ban, called “RAWA,” was effectively disabled. While three states currently have legalized online gambling industries, there are multiple other stays who are considering following suit.. This is a TV channel that will soon be dedicated 24/7 to poker. Most state legislatures have only recently considered online gambling to be an issue. People are learning new ways to utilize online gambling beyond merely direct revenue. Blackjack and other gambling games have been a large part of our society, yet their presence online is in question. Since then, however, online gambling in the United States came to an abrupt stop. Online gambling presents a very controversial issue in the United States. These sources of media are helping to build the hype. Many people are radically opposed to it, claiming that the game can cause the loss of thousand or millions of dollars and ruin lives. The idea is that if Pennsylania were to permit online gambling down the road then other states would follow as well. Congress has been urging the Federal government to back them up in continuing the ban, and to get the Restoration of America’s Wire Act bill passed. Because of this, state will have to spend lots of time getting their lawyers in the loop and updated on the ongoing issues, and will take time to craft the proposal bill and explain the pros and cons. If the states pass a bill to legalize gambling, then we can get back online and improve our poker skills. Including California, these four states represent the forefront of the pro-online-gambling movement in the US. This is the newest development of states that look to pass a bill on online gambling. Politicians often have strong opinions on online gambling. Federal legislation will most likely not play a big role

Sports Persuasive Speech Topics

This will boost your confidence and also will be helpful in the question-answer session that follows. This is because of the hype surrounding sports and the glamor and wealth linked to it. Secondly, we all have some information about sports and are at least aware of even the remotest of sports.

Interesting Sports Related Speech Topics

Greatest NBA players of all time It is necessary to have cap on sport person’s salaries. Gambling should be banned. Should college athletes be paid? Schools should support interscholastic sports. Cheerleading is essential. Is cheerleading a sport? Steroids and sports. Is World Wrestling Entertainment real? Why gambling should be illegal? Importance of team building. Meditations help sportsmen. Karate or Martial arts be made compulsory in schools. Bungy jumping is not a sport, but a dangerous activity. Countries should focus on promoting women’s sports. Extreme sports are not meant for all. Are fantasy sports as good as real? Motorsports are incomparable. Is online sports betting legal? Which is the best: Badminton or Tennis? Is sports arbitrage legal? Sports betting makes you a bigger fan. Scholarships should be offered for sports careers. Sports psychology is a developing field and a good career option. Is umpire salary unfair? Not all successful players are good coaches. Athletic scholarships should be mandatory and standardized in all universities. Sports marketing is a good career option. Counseling helps in reducing performance anxiety in sports. Is collecting sports memorabilia worth the investment? A career as a sports nutritionist is gaining popularity these days. Scandals can be avoided in the Olympics. Sports is an integral part of healthy living Does glamor affect sports person’s performance? It is essential to understand the psychology of sports. Sports nutrition should be given as equal importance as practice sessions. Is playing darts a sport? Collecting sports memorabilia is one of the best hobbies. It is necessary to include more number of rules in rugby league football? Are nutritional supplements and sports medicine actually needed? More number of movies should be made to create sports awareness. Sport team names after ethnic groups, religious ideas, etc., should be banned. Bullfighting and horse racing should be banned for cruelty. Sports is the best stress reliever and reducer of obesity. Can there be a single greatest sport person? Sports person’s salaries should be based on performance. Should shot put and javelin throw be given equal importance as other sports? Is match fixing the cause of declining popularity of some sports like cricket? Should hunting be considered as a sport? Animal cruelty in sports should be severely punished. Once you decide on the topic, you should read as much as possible on the subject, have a strong viewpoint and only then start structuring your speech. A persuasive speech is meant for persuading the audience to have a specific viewpoint. Unlike ordinary speech where the orator simply gives information on a subject; in a persuasive speech, the orator has a viewpoint (pro or against the subject) and tries to prove why it is right or wrong. Good luck!. Among the different speech topics today, sports is one of the most popular ones

Gaming – InfoBarrel

That is why more and more IT experts are religiously developing new games or simply improving the current prevailing games since there is a huge public clamor for such.

- Dice games: Backgammon , Dice Chess, Ship, Captain, and Crew (or Six Five Four), Shoot the Moons, Strat-O-Matic

- Business games

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These games require a PC or laptop, but an Internet connection is not needed. Furthermore, there are times when people would simply want to relax and play a game without having to deal with the other players. The classification made by Wikipedia goes like this:

The Sims 3

Need for Speed: Shift

The Orange Box

The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Starcraft 2

Online Gaming

- Video games

Offline gaming is a cool way to fill in time and enjoy, especially when you cannot go online. Today these games are primarily electronic and cover a diversity of imaginary contexts that the modern computers try to recreate as a form of virtual reality.

Gambling involves activities like casinos, sports books, poker, video poker, craps, black jack, roulette, slot machines, lottery and skill games – just to name a few. These games involve taking on the role of a character in the game and controlling the choices of the character while working with their strengths and weaknesses.


- Sports – here is a list with the most popular sports games: Football, Soccer, Baseball, BasketBall, Hockey, Rugby, Volleyball, Pool Games, Water Games, Cricket, Boxing, Wrestling, Golf, Shooting, Horse Racing, Car Games, Driving Games, Cycling, Bowling, Dodge ball Games, Fishing , Hunting, Ice Skating, Olympics Games, Parking Games, Skateboard, Snowboarding, Surfing Games, Winter Games.

- Tabletop games

- Card games: Poker, Baccarat, Canasta – to name just the most popular and well known

“A game is a structured activity, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool. Some are old games that are just modified to fit with the modern times while some are totally new. Many games help develop practical skills, serve as a form of exercise, or otherwise perform an educational, simulational, or psychological role. Knowing the trend in online gaming, it is expected that there’s more to come in the future that’s completely exciting. Even with the numerous online games available, offline gaming is still going to exist and probably preferred by some.

Playing Games

Offline gaming began in the year 1970. A lot of games are now being introduced to the public. As a member, you may avail of discounts on games for sale, get the freebies given to its member, and the opportunity to meet and play with other online games enthusiasts worldwide. Games generally involve mental or physical stimulation, and often both. While games for offline gaming are still available and loved by some people, the majority already prefers the online games at present.

Offline Gaming

With offline gaming, the usual games could last around 20 to 100 game play hours. Additionally, games for offline gaming are either skill-based or story-based, with the former as the more difficult as it needs your experience and skillfulness in order to play and finish the game.

Information technology has certainly made a big impact to humankind. Attested as early as 2600 BC, games are a universal part of human experience and present in all cultures.” (

- Simulation – Games of this type are extensions of childhood games where children pretend being in adult roles such as doctor, parent or fireman. And for these reasons, this is where offline gaming comes into play. It has gained its popularity which led to the existence of arcades. But more than the prize being offered, online gamers are interested on the title for each competition. Key components of games are goals, rules, challenge, and interaction. From simple to complex, intellectual to sports related and the highly dynamic violent games, name it and you have a long list of choices.

- Dexterity/coordination games

- Domino and tile games

There are many different types of games. In addition, such games are fairly simple to finish off, so gamers are not at all pressured to play for more hours.

To play online, you must register first to be qualified and enjoy the benefits of various online gamers club. Time, distance and nationality are defied in the so-called growing cyber world that gathers online gamers. By the year 1990, its popularity has hit the highest point, but eventually dropped since the market did not expand quickly as what was expected. The thought of outwitting their counterparts is what drives any online gamer to succeed. But for you to fully appreciate online gaming, you should be aware of the technical aspects to secure a spot in what they call the elite circle of online gamers.

- Pencil and paper games

There are a number of popular games for offline gaming as:

- Role-playing games (RPG) – These types of games can be played either in electronic format such as on a computer or video game console, some of them even being online like World of Warcraft, or they can be played as a tabletop game like White Wolf or Shadowrun. Almost every aspect of human interest turned out to be very accessible. Watch out for that.

Are you interested in playing games or in gambling? In real world, offline or online?

These games are available online and the best part of it is that you can now play with people from all over the world. One significant development has something to do with the way games are being played. In the case of The Sims 3, it can be played either in a computer or PS3 console.

- Board games: Monopoly, Go, Scrabble, Chess, The Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Maharaja, Backgammon, Taj Mahal, Mine a million, Torres, Lost Cities , Speachless, Logo board games, Masterpiece, Buzzle, Highlanders, History of the World, The Game of Life, Dominion, LifeStyle The Financial Planning Game

One reason why online gaming is such a major success is because of the competition being held on a particular game every now and then in which fabulous prizes are at stake. Here, online gamers met and have formed virtual camaraderie through the game preferences they had. They are really popular in both real and online world.


- Guessing games