Part of

why the government does not license the activity is because it would not

directly promote tourism to the country. This possibility, along with the possibility of raising tourism

numbers, will not have escaped Government’s notice.

Bermuda’s International Business Industry – Bermuda deliberately does NOT allow

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Online Gambling in Bermuda

The government of Bermuda does not license online gambling providers.

Nonetheless, there are substantial and valid

objections to legalised gambling….”

In 2000, Antigua and Barbuda reported that its online gaming sector contributed

$37.5 million to local coffers through taxation and employed in the neighborhood

of 3000 people..

Now, with tourism arrivals plummeting, it appears government is prepared to at

least look at the question. Proponents on the other hand argue that

online gambling licensing would bring in additional tax revenue which could be

used to further develop the tourism industry. They are a confused mess, with some forms of gambling being

legal, while others are banned.

For years now, some hotels and tourism

observers have seen casinos as critical to any sustained recovery in tourism.

An examination of the Island’s gambling laws

is no bad thing. Other jurisdictions that do so tend to

attract a less wholesome reputation. According to a report in Bermuda’s Royal Gazette the tropical island is giving

serious consideration on whether to become an online gambling hub like the

aforementioned island nations.

Bet online in Bermuda.

If it did decide to become a center for online gambling, “it would mean gamblers

abroad, most likely from the U.S., having their wagers processed in Bermuda —

giving the betting companies tax breaks on profits and keeping them out of reach

of anti-Internet gambling American authorities,” Tim Smith of the Gazette


The United States passed anti-online gambling legislation back in 2006 and there

have been a number of indictments and arrests associated with it.

Betting online in Bermuda.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of

flattery and it looks like Bermuda could be following the likes of Costa Rica

and Antigua and Barbuda.

You can play “Crown

and Anchor” at Cup Match.  You can play Bingo at your church or organisation.  You can bet the ponies or any sports match.  And some

propose to take it even further.  Some would like to see

casinos attracting

more tourists to the island.  Others say, “NO!”   Our people have

a hard enough time making ends meet without losing hard earned, much needed

income on frivolous expenditures. 

Still, some are talking about bringing

online gambling to

the island. 

Well guess what!?  Online gambling is already here!

“Bermuda to become online gambling hub?”

The move would certainly give an “adrenaline shot” into the local economy.

Legalised Gambling in Bermuda:  Bermuda was a gentle, well-mannered resort,

catering to genteel, upper-middle- class people.

About Bermuda:  There are several gambling organizations in Bermuda and gambling

is big business – worth an estimated US$33 million a year in 2003. Bermuda. that it “could taint

Bermuda’s reputation as a serious business jurisdiction.”

Bermuda Mulls Online Gambling Option | Gambling911.com30 Oct 2008 The

Bermuda government has suggested it is interested in entering the multi billion

dollar online gambling industry, but at what price?

Gambling News | Gambling911.comBermuda Mulls Online Gambling Option. The law itself is desperately in need of

modernisation, as the Internet and other new developments have revolutionised

the world of gaming.

Casinos or lotteries also have the potential

of raising substantial revenues for Government without the pain associated with

tax increases. Reader reads the latest reports on where gambling sites are

actually hosted. While it is not officially

licensed, the government makes no attempt to prevent people from accessing

foreign-operated gambling sites.

But establishing an online gaming sector could come with its headaches too.

An online gambling study is said to be in the works.”     ~

More about Online Gambling in Bermuda

Bermuda bet.

“Government and some of the Island’s hotels

announced last week – following an exclusive report in (The Royal Gazette) – that

they are paying for a feasibility study on the controversial question of

gambling in Bermuda.

The Bermuda government has suggested it is interested in entering the multi

billion dollar online gambling

Could Bermuda Be New Gambling Jurisdiction?30 Oct 2008 Speculation on

whether the North Atlantic island government of Bermuda will decide to offer

regulation and licensing to online gambling

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